Smart Air Conditioner Kits Chill Your Bill

It’s official…the last decade is the hottest ever…since records have been kept, anyway.  The National Climate Assessment was released by US Scientists last week…and it says that temperatures are likely to rise another two to four degrees Farenheit over the next few decades.

So…ready to make better friends with your air conditioner?  Here are a couple of new gadgets to help you manage your indoor climate control system.  There’s a new and free gadget some US local energy companies are offering that will help some consumers save up to 25 percent on their energy bills this Summer.

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The cost of cooling down the house averages almost $400 for the hot season from June to August for typical U.S. family.   The painful part is that for every degree that anyone lowers the AC thermostat to make their home cooler, the resulting rise in energy costs is about $24…according to Con Edison… the largest local utility in New York.

Two kinds of new smart devices now available to consumers can help you turn that challenge around in your favor.  One is for room air conditioners…the other for central climate control systems.

  • Room/Window Air Conditioners –  Thinkeco smart AC kit connects to the window AC unit…allowing you to turn off the AC with their phone, even when they’re away from home and have forgotten to turn it up or off.
  • Central Air ConditionersNest which lets homeowners control their central air so he can see how much he is using and spending daily.

Many consumers claim that the gadgets have saved them an average of $75 a month for more than a year now.

Direct Energy, one of the largest suppliers of gas and electricity in North America, is now offering rebates on the Nest thermostat in Ohio and Illinois, with New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania to come.  But if your local energy provider doesn’t yet offer anything similar, you can be proactive and purchase a kit online for about $140.  It pays for itself in a little more than a summer season.

Note for PG&E customers: PG&E has their own version of a “Smart AC” program that’s more geared to reducing consumption only during summer energy supply emergencies.  But who says you can’t combine it with your own energy program that includes the smart devices above?

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