Cleanroom HVAC Design

We thrive in a world of science and technology where our HVAC services are needed in building and process of Cleanrooms. Lawrence Mechanical specializes in Cleanroom Systems Mechanical Design & Installation.

We design both custom and modular installations.  Our team experience includes a variety of applications and environmental requirements in diverse industries such as biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical device, vaccines, semiconductors and nanotechnology. Below are the specialties that Lawrence Mechanical has mastered:

  •   Air Flow Velocity / Changes per Hour
  •  Temperature & Humidity Control
  •   Noise & Vibration Constraints
  •   Electrostatic Discharge Requirement
  •   Space Pressurization & Air Balance
  •   Mechanical HVAC System Selection
  •   Air Conditioning & Heating Services
  •   Service and Repair
  •   Scheduled Maintenance
  •   Heating and Air conditioning System Replacement
  •   New Installation
  •   Programmable Thermostats
  •   Zoning Systems
  •   Air Filtration
  •   Duct Sealing
  •   Air Balancing

Contact us for more information on your application’s unique requirements.

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