Planned Maintenance – A Critical Priority

Question: What’s the single largest consumer of energy in your commercial building?

Answer: The HVAC System

That also means that one of the single largest operational expenses of your building is also the HVAC System.  Failure to maintain it in efficient, proper working order has several consequences:

  1. Jeopardizing the indoor comfort of your tenants and occupants (unhappy tenants = higher vacancy rates)
  2. Higher energy costs due to increased power consumption
  3. Higher eventual repair costs for the HVAC system
  4. Premature equipment replacement…and the associated costs

Having a quality HVAC contractor to regularly inspect and service your HVAC system is critical to your commercial building’s air quality.  Making sure that your heating and cooling equipment is operating efficiently and in good working order is one of the best ways of keeping your tenants comfortable and happy…and keeping your energy operating expenses as low as possible.  In fact, aside from merely reducing tenant complaints, having in place a comprehensive planned maintenance program is the absolute best way of generating energy cost savings for your building.  In addition to creating energy usage cost reductions…regular maintenance prolongs the physical life of your HVAC equipment. Proactively repairing and replacing equipment with a strategy…is simply more effective than reacting to equipment breakdowns with costly unexpected repairs.

When creating a planned maintenance program for your commercial building’s HVAC System, here are two important points to remember:

  • “One size fits all” does NOT apply to Commercial Planned Maintenance Programs – Virtually all commercial buildings are unique…including yours!  So a custom designed program that fits your building’s size, system, and, most of all…your budget, is a prerequisite.  We can help you create a program that fits your maintenance needs. [Download Quality Maintenance Checklist]
  • Even the most well-maintained equipment will need replacing someday. Replacement of aging or inefficient equipment can be pre-planned and budgeted based on life expectancy and operating cost. Pouring money into a unit that’s already 10 years past its life expectancy doesn’t make sense … even worse is waiting a week or more for a new unit to be installed during the hottest part of the summer.

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  1. I agree that it is important to take good care of your mechanical appliances, especially if they are used for your business. Getting mechanical maintenance on them would probably be the best way to make sure they are in good condition. Plus, the mechanic will be able to tell you if you need to make any repairs or replace the machine any time soon.