No Air Conditioner? 5 Low Cost Ways to Keep Cool

It happens to everyone at one time or another. It’s hot and humid as hell outside…and you’re either visiting a place that has no air conditioner…or it’s broken!  Worse yet, you might experience a prolonged power outage due to some kind of natural disaster.  Of the following A/C alternatives…both powered and nonpowered methods are discussed.  Based on you particular situation and whether or not you even have access to electrical power at all…you can decide which options are feasible for you.


  1. Block out Direct Sunlight – by closing curtains, blinds and shades in vulnerable rooms…especially when the sun is at its peak (as long as late morning to the late afternoon).  Drapes, curtains or shades may completely block out the natural sunlight…but resorting to inside lighting that uses hot incandescent bulbs will defeat the purpose.  Window blinds may be an alternative that allows some sunlight through.
  2. At night, let cold air in through open windows… closing them when the daytime heats up.
  3. Ceiling Fan Blades Rotation Setting – Often people reverse the rotation for winter but forget to switch it back to the Summer setting (that pushes air downward).
  4. Fans (ceiling or otherwise) – Invest in a fan to help circulate air in the room. For example, some small appliance manufacturers indicate that box fans can fit inside an open household window to help forcefully circulate air in and out of a room. Use an oscillating tabletop fan to help move stale and stagnant warm air around in the room.
  5. Turn off Appliances that Generate Heat – Older TVs that use a cathode ray tube and Desktop computers (even laptops if they’re used heavily). Flat-screen TVs with LCD or plasma displays emit less heat because they use less electricity.

If you decide you still just can’t take the heat and want your Air Conditioner repaired – replaced…just call us!

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