Modular Cleanrooms: Advantages

The advantages of modular cleanrooms are discussed by EU experts in the article excerpt below…along with two videos (unrelated entities) to bring the contruction process to life visually.

Purpose of Modular Cleanrooms? – to reduce/control the concentration of airborne particles to achieve an appropriate level of particle cleanliness. Factors being controlled:

  • Indoor temperature
  • Cleanliness
  • Indoor pressure, air velocity and distribution
  • Noise vibration
  • Lighting and static electricity

External conditions aside, cleanrooms can maintain the characteristics of the cleanliness, temperature, humidity and pressure as determined by original specs.

  1. WHY use a cleanroom? – Demand for precision processing has never been higher. Indoor production environment is not only related to the health and comfort of employees’, but also to production efficiency, product quality, and even the smoothness of the production process.
  2. Production PROCESS – Indoor production environment is one of the key factors restricting industrial production, especially high-tech production.
  3. Production EFFICIENCY – Indoor production environment affects production efficiency in the following two aspects: First, a good production environment can not only protect the physical and mental health of production personnel, but also improve their work mood and enthusiasm. Secondly, the smooth progress of production improves the yield of products.
  4. Product QUALITY – Indoor production environment is one of the important factors affecting product quality. For example, products such as photosensitive film, integrated circuits, chemical reagents, precision instruments and micro motors, if contaminated with dust, will reduce quality or even lead to scrapping. In the food processing industry, the presence of microorganisms will shorten the shelf life and reduce product quality.
  5. Environmental POLLUTION – environmental pollution is mainly caused by industrial pollution. Among them, air pollution and water pollution have an impact on people ’s health and can also affect the production process/quality.

Ultimately,  it’s necessary to improve clean technology in order to reduce the impact of indoor pollution on the production process, . Only by building a cleanroom, using a closed structure, a reasonable air flow organisation. A micro-environment can achieve the required air cleanliness and meet production requirements.

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