HVAC Cleanroom Design – An Introduction

Cleanrooms are enclosures designed to facilitate sensitive research, fabrication and other operations that must take place in the absence of dust, moisture and other airborne contaminants.  There are two main standards systems against which the cleanliness of a clean room is measured:

  • US FED STD 209E – the system of standards set by the U.S. Government
  • ISO Standards – the system of standards set by the International Organization for Standardization

The Cleanroom Industry was born out of and developed for the aerospace and micro-technology industries.  Cleanrooms are used in several other disciplines such as the bio-technology and medical research fields.


Several types of cleanrooms exist with unique attributes according to their respective industry requirements:

  • Class 100 Cleanrooms
  • Class 1000 Cleanrooms
  • Class 10000 Cleanrooms
  • Modular Cleanrooms
  • Portable Cleanrooms

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