Correct Size Saves in Commercial HVAC

It’s true…the itemized cost of HVAC equipment in comparison to the overall investment in a large multiple million dollar commercial building construction project…is kinda small. But choosing the right sized air-conditioning, heating and ventilation system for the new building can not only offset cost overruns in other areas of construction…it’s cost efficient in long term operating costs as well.

Purchase & Installation of HVAC Equipment

Did you know that…by design, most commercial HVAC systems operate under capacity by 50 percent or more?  In fact, the equipment itself is manufactured and designed that way.  That’s why having a highly qualified HVAC contractor correctly design your building’s heating and cooling system is critical.  Specifically, a contractor that uses objective, industry developed design rules as found in the ASHRAE Handbook.  But generally speaking, approximately 10 to 15 percent above your actual needs provides an adequate margin of safety.  The HVAC contractor’s design should rely on a whole building analysis that considers the commercial property’s intended use, age, ventilation required and other related elements that simulate real world conditions like lighting, other machinery operated daily and number of people working in the facility on a regular basis.

aerial view of rooftop industrial heating ventilation air conditioning unit

Allowing for future expansion by utilizing commercial HVAC equipment that’s designed for upgradablity…and setting aside additional physical space for those eventual upgrades is important also.

“Bigger is better” doesn’t necessarily work in the reality of HVAC system design.  Often, energy-efficient HVAC systems can save 10-40 percent over traditionally designed systems. But that savings can be increased to somewhere between 40 and 70 percent if right sizing is accurately designed into the project.

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