Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor in San Jose

Be honest…your heating and air conditioning system is probably the last thing on your mind each day…until it stops working…and you’re freezing or sweating.  Most of us have a tendency to take the comforts of home for granted…until something vital breaks.  Then the discomfort level rises and panic may even set in.

Maybe in the back of your mind you consider your climate control system to be little more than a box on the wall that you flick a switch on & off occasionally.  It’s not just about temperature control.  Bottom line…it’s all about affecting you and your family’s health…from the quality of the air you breathe (including moisture & mold growth), to the amount of money you spend on the energy ( whether electricity or gas) to control it.

Ignoring your heating and cooling system can easily end up being very costly.  Think of it like your car.  Your home or business HVACR system (heating – ventilation – air conditioning- refrigeration) is an important and valuable piece of machinery to your everyday life.   Keeping your car tuned up and oil changed regularly is necessary maintenance that needs performed to protect your investment and your family’s safety.  Your climate comfort system isn’t any different.  Routine maintenance by qualified HVACR technicians only makes sense for many reasons.  Remember the old Aamco Transmission TV commercials?

Neglecting your furnace and air conditioner will lead to obvious results…more frequent break downs, replacement sooner rather than later and more dollars out of your pocket due to it’s shortened lifespan.  And last but not least, potentially negatively impacting your family’s health.

In the coming months, Lawrence Mechanical…one of Silicon Valley’s premier HVACR experts…will share with you tips and valuable information about your home and/or business’ central heating and cooling system.

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