6 Steps to Huge Commercial HVAC Energy Savings

Virtually all commercial buildings have energy consumption as a major monthly expenditure…and that impacts profitability for the businesses inside the building.  While the following steps were created with hospitals in mind, almost any commercial building can benefit from a HVAC system efficiency analysis.

For most hospitals, the HVAC system is the single largest consumer of energy for the entire building…accounting for upwards of 40% of total electrical power usage. In fact the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) tells us that healthcare facilities nationwide spend almost $9 billion a year meeting patient needs. The HVAC system and chiller plant combined can easily push a hospital’s electric bills to over $1 million dollars annually.

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Well chosen peak performance strategies and technologies make it very possible to slash HVAC and central plant energy use by as much as 40%. One of the nation’s largest public healthcare systems for example, Broward Health Medical Center (BHMC), measured a $311,000 savings in a single year.  Implementation of advanced analytics and data science, which provided visibility and transparency into the performance of its HVAC system and 6,000-ton chiller plant…is what made these real savings possible.

The chiller plant is of critical importance…for any commercial building.  It’s the circulatory system within the HVAC system…and is responsible for continuous air flow and heat transfer.  But again, the DOE (Department of Energy) tells us that 95% of all chiller plants are in fact…inefficient.  It’s NOT saying that these systems are broken…but there’s a high probability that your facility’s plants are wasting significant energy and consequently, big money too.

Since every commercial building is unique, understanding your building’s HVAC as an integrated eco-system is important for achieving maximum efficiencies.  Here are six steps to generating short and long-term real and significant energy cost savings for your commercial building…aimed at achieving HVAC and Central Plant Peak Performance.

STEP ONE:  Evaluate the status quo of your system – Documenting your system’s equipment & overall performance specs.

STEP TWO:  Know what you’re trying to achieve – Controlling and lowering expenses is the prime objective

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